What is an Aussie Meat Pie?

The classic meat pie is one of Australia’s most popular foods, in fact it’s so iconic, many Aussies would consider it a national dish. In saying that, it is not however a food unique to Australia only. Many countries have their own version – the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and even across Africa, Latin America, Asia and more, they too have their own versions of savoury pastries with meaty fillings that’s similar to a pie.

The Australian pie is very similar to the British pie, but what makes it different is that it’s a little smaller and more compact, designed and packaged to be eaten with the hands. So not only is it a convenient hand warmer on a cold day, but it is also the perfect tasty comfort food to eat anywhere, anytime and ‘on the run’.

Pies can be found almost everywhere, from the local Bakery, to the Petrol Station, the school tuck shop, and in every supermarket (sold frozen). All occasions are pie occasions. It is an extremely common lunch item, but its also eaten at dinner with sides, or as a ‘late night out’ snack. It is commonly served at parties enjoyed by young and old, at corporate business meetings (the best way to achieve full attendance at meetings or training) and it is ‘the’ main food consumed at the Australia’s most popular sport –Aussie Rules Football (aka ‘the footy’). 

Australia’s most common (and loved) pie is its own Classic Meat Pie – this is the everyday, every occasion pie, and ‘the’ pie eaten at the footy. It is essentially a single serving of pastry, filled with 100% minced beef in a mouth-watering gravy sauce. Some ground rules for eating this pie; 1) it needs to be hot, 2) it needs to be eaten with the hands (cutlery and pies just don’t go together in Australia), and 3) it must be served with a good squeeze of tomato sauce (aka ketchup) either in the pie, on the pie or on the side (many individuals hold strong opinions on which one is best). Watch the video of Will Smith attempting to eat his first Aussie pie- he achieved 2 out of 3- not bad for a beginner!

While the classic meat pie is the quintessential Aussie pie, nowadays there are countless different fillings available, with Asian, European or Middle Eastern flavours, reflecting the cultural mix of people now calling Australia home.

So now you know a little about pies (and this is just the start), you are now equipped to begin your pie journey with PieMate. Pop your Aussie Pie cherry properly with our tasting box (there is a flavour in there for everyone) or if you are a pie veteran, order your favourites from the webshop.