Here are the answers to all your questions

Here are some of the frequenty asked questions. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for get in touch with us through the contact page.

How do I warm up my pies?

Click here to view the warming instructions in English and Nederlands. We also have instructions for ‘The Loaded Pie’ in English and Nederlands

How do I serve my pies?

What’s great about pies is that you can serve it with anything you like! Personally, we enjoy eating a pie on its own for lunch, simply with a good squeeze of tomato sauce (ketchup) especially if it’s the Aussie Classic. For dinner, you can serve it with a favourite side- which could be a salad, or fries, or creamy mashed potatoes, or side vegetables etc. The beauty of a pie is that you can prepare your side while it’s warming in the oven- so easy!

Is one pie enough to fill me up?
That depends on the individual, the amount of hunger and if there are sides served with it. For most people, one pie with sides (e.g. with a side salad or fries, or potato wedges or vegetables) will be a good sized meal, however if you have a big appetite, or are normally an ‘above average’ eater, then 1 ½ pies would be sufficient. Two (2) pies can be managed, but you may need to pass on the sides!
Where do you deliver?

We deliver in 3 different regions (see below). When you place your order, you will see the delivery dates for each region in the order form.

  • Hasselt Region
  • Diest | Halen | Herk de Stad Region: also including Kortenaken, Geetbets, Bekkevoort and Lummen
  • Leuven | Aarschot | Rotselaar Region: also including Herent and Holsbeek
  • Rest of Belgium is covered through a third party provider
Why aren't you delivering every week?

Our pies are delivered frozen, which means you are not limited to only ordering for one meal, you can order for a few meals! Keep a stockpile in the freezer and pull out your pies when you have the craving, or for an easy delicious dinner. An added benefit is that by delivering less frequently, we are more environmentally friendly!

Can I come and pick up the order myself?

Yes. We have pick up opportunities on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday but make sure you contact us in advance so we can ensure we have your pies available.

Is there a delivery fee?

There is no delivery fee for the 3 local delivery regions. We do require a minimum order of €35, and in return your pies are delivered free of charge.

The DPD delivery service will have a delivery fee of 10 EUR with a minimum order of 12 pies.